Newest Creative Sports Posters

It's that time of year again and I have a bunch of sports posters coming up.  I had two teams that were smart and scheduled early so they get their posters very soon!  I have been doing Muskie Pom for quite a few years now and have created a lot of very cool posters for them.  This year they wanted to do something with their new dance outfits which included a cape.  After a couple of tries with different scenes I ended up with the background below.  The actual poster motto took even longer to come up with.  I finally settled with "Defenders of Truth, Justice and Rhythm.

The Wilton Basketball Girls had a motto of Respect All, Fear None.  I had pretty tough time coming up with something for the background with this motto since it didn't have any specific conotations with anything.  I tried some old buildings and bridges in the background, a blue sparkly background and then out of frustration I tried a monster background and thought it was kind of fun.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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