Mary Beth & Louis's Wedding

Mary Beth & Louis were looking for some unique and creative portraits for their wedding but they didn't want to have to rush around on the day of their wedding and worry about time constraints. Instead they decieded to come in a few weeks before their wedding and have all their creative portriats done then. By doing this we were able have a fun relaxing day going to a bunch of unique locations and getting amazing portraits. We shot in alleyways, against old buildings and vintage trucks, in parks, fire escapes, bridges, abandoned gas stations, and theaters. It was so much fun and they got to be models for a day shooting in the coolest locations we could find. Then when they had their wedding a few weeks later they already had an amazing video of their session to show off to all their guests. I can't wait to design their wedding album, they are going to have so many cool images to include in it! Below is their wedding video.


Models in New Orleans

Wow, what an experience! I can’t tell you how amazed and thankful that I am able to be part of it and teach along side some of the greatest photographers in the country. I couldn’t have dreamed up a more action packed, star studded unbelievable educational photography experience. From Pete Wright’s trash the dress session in the same warehouse as they filmed The Expendables to watching as Jen Hillenga, the goddess of posing, posed and light models in the back alleys of New Orleans. Listening as Mike Fulton, Cody Clinton & Jordan Chan displayed their off camera lighting prowess. Hearing Martin Grahame-Dunn spewing knowledge like a prophet. Seeing legends like Fuzzy Dunkel and rising superstar Dan McClanahan show off why they are so amazing as they photographed in the French Quarter. Watching JuliAnne Jonker the greatest Adobe guru in the history of gurus teach lessons on Photoshop and Lightroom. The craziest most fun night session I could ever dream of photographing in neon lit alleyways and texture filled rooms of the House of Blues along side the likes of Kevin Jairaj, James Hayes, Chuck Arlund, Steve Ragland, Dan Davis, and Pete Wright – amazing photographers that you basically would normally have to get in a line to even get an autograph from if you were at any other convention. Then coming back to photograph on the roof of the hotel 17 stories up overlooking New Orleans as George Kuchler painted models with light using glow sticks and flashes. Watching in awe the creations of fashion photographer extraordinaire Lou Freeman and her assistants as they turned models into scenes that can best be described as Alice in Wonderland meets Vogue covered in feathers. All this was happening and lots more! There were so many things going on from amazing mentors that I can’t list them all and my mind is reeling from the opportunities. Travis Gugelman, Clark Martin, Kurk Voclain Larry PetersEddieTapLorieNordstromPeterHolcombebrycoxdonchickkenkneringermikeridingerwenmcnally....ahhhhhhhhhh! wow!

If you missed New Orleans you probably missed one of the greatest educational events you could ever be a part of, and yet AD seems to somehow get more amazing every time. And from what I hear for what they have planned in Vegas it will yet again be the place to be.