Sweet images from some winter sessions

A few images from last weeks sessions. I don't think it made it much over 15 degrees the entire week but that didn't stop anyone from coming and we got some pretty amazing portraits. There are lots more to show so keep your eye out.


Some Pretty Cool Sports Posters

Created some pretty cool posters for Wilton's winter sports teams. Here are two and I have another to take tomorrow. The idea for the wrestling poster was thought up only after they guys got to the studio. I asked them what there theme was and they said - "Work Hard, Never Surrender" I thought for a second and remembered I had taken some images of an old tank outside a gas station the year before and thought that would be the perfect background. I also used some helicopters I had used in a softball poster two years ago and some rocks that I had taken at a rock quarry for last year's softball poster. Did some transforming and a few effects on them and turned some ordinary images into a pretty cool poster.

For the basketball poster my original idea was to do something about becoming one with the game and have their arms turning the color and texture of basketballs and the basketballs growing vines and roots up around them. It wasn't quite working out as I planned, I couldn't quite get the texture right and it was taking quite a bit of time so I decided to go back to the drawing board. If I had more time I think I could have pulled it off but at this time of year, things are pretty crazy around the business. I had already taken the portraits of the guys so I needed to keep them in a similar position yet come up with a new idea. Did some brainstorming the next day and came up with "Taking it to the next level" I just elevated the floor and added sky behind them, next I needed some dirt below so I took a shovel outside and dug up a chunk of dirt. Add some photoshop magic and voila! Another pretty decent poster.