Rain, Cold, and Beautiful Portraits part 2

We kept Viola dry for the first part of her portraits by using overhangs and shelters to stay out of the rain. It looks as bright and sunny here as it would on any summer day but it was actually dark, cloudy and cold.

One thing that Viola especially wanted to do was to get some uniqe portraits in rain in the waterfall. Normally it is a tad bit warmer when anyone braves the water but Viola wanted something a little different than everyone else and she definitely got that. If you look close you can see the streaks of rain falling through the images and the raindrops splashing in the water around her.

Rain, Cold, and Beautiful Portraits

Thursday and Friday were cold windy rainy fall days. I think the temperature was a high of 50 degrees and it rained all day both days.

For some people that means time to call and reschedule their senior portraits. But not for Haley, Emily or Viola. They all braved the rain and cold to get some unique senior portraits. I actually think Haley was hoping for rain, she had a great accessories all ready to go for the rain.

With a few camera and lighting tricks I can make it look bright and sunny or dark and stormy.

Emily brought a fun sundress and high heels to play around with in the rain.

Even if it is dark and rainy it doesn't have to look like it. Colors are actually more vibrant on a cloudy day.