Wilton asked me come in to take some prom portraits. The girls really went all out on their dresses this year. I would love to get more senior girls to bring their prom dresses in with their senior portraits so we can do some fun stuff with them. We can go for a nice look or we can do some crazy/fun images with the prom dress in the back of an old truck, on some railroad tracks, standing in a waterfall.


Audi's, Rolex's & Diamonds

I was contacted by Boom Magazine to do some product and modeling shots for them. I ended up designing the ad for them also (since I designed it for them I made room to fit my own ad also). It was a fun assignment and the model was great to work with. Getting away from my day-to-day portraits and taking images of Audi's, Rolex's and diamonds was cool too. The magazine staff loved how the photography and design turned out and they had me come up again Friday to do another model/product shoot for another of their magazines.


little model

Wow! Avery was amazing! Normally 18 month & two year portraits can be really tough. At that age their attention spans are usually about the shortest they get and they are ready to be done in about 10 minutes tops. I would never have thought that Avery would make it through all the outfits that she brought but she did and was having fun the entire time. Avery's mom always brings really fun outfits to dress her in and she didn't dissapoint this time either. I love it when kids have unique things, clothes don't always have to be something you dress them up in to go to school. Fun is good as you can see by Avery's portraits.


Cayla's Senior Vid

Check out Cayla's senior portrait session. I had a blast taking her portraits. After returning from Florida with a bunch of new ideas and techniques I was ready to put them to use. Cayla was the perfect opportunity, she could easily have been one of the models that I photographed there.


Light Pro - Model Shoot

Our Florida trip was amazing. We left on a Sunday morning, and the night before I had a wedding and was up till about midnight. There was also a bad snowstorm that night so we got up extra early (2:30am) to make sure we got to the airport in time so we didn't get much sleep. Spent most of the day lugging around 5 suitcases a bunch of carry-ons, two kids, a stroller and car seats. The transition from 6 inches of heavy snow to sun and palm trees was almost surreal.

Sunday night I got a little more sleep, but still not enough. If you're a photographer and come down to Light Pro don't expect to get much sleep. Most nights models and photographers were shooting well into the night, I had a few 4:00 am mornings before I called it quits. There was so much to do that it was hard to stop... amazing models everywhere, world class photographers and tons of fountains, pools, waterfalls, palm trees, beaches and everything else you could possibly ask for. Sunrise shooting started around 6:30 but I didn't make it to too many of those.

At the end of the week they have a banquet and a print competition. For me entering something into the competition is kind of difficult. I didn't want to take time out from shooting and networking to sit at a computer and process images. Both last year and this year I waited untill the last possible minute to even look at the images I had captured there. Another thing that makes it difficult for me is that on my studio computer I have spent alot of extra time and money making sure that the images on the screen will print out exactly how I want them to - on the laptop that I brought I haven't done that. I had around 10 minutes left before the deadline to pick out an image and correctly tone and process it. I chose an image that was somewhat unique and simply turned it to black and white to save myself time, burnt it to a disk and turned it in. Turns out that my choice was fairly good, I ended up wining 3rd place and getting a bunch of cool prizes.