Marguerite's Friend Session

Wow, what a fun time! I probably laughed more than I ever have at a session. These girls were truly amazing. Margurite, Molly and Courtney came in for a friends session before they take off for college. We traveled all over finding fun spots to photograph and they ended up with a lot of very fun portraits. I'm really glad I had the chance to hang out with these three girls and create some portraits that they will love for a very long time.

Stephanie & Devin's Wedding Portraits

Top Secret destination wedding, undiscovered snowcapped mountains in Iowa, magic - you decide. One thing is for certain - these where taken this weekend and the background is real!

Johanson Wedding


Brittany & Barry

Brittany won a friends session from the Muscatine Prom and she brought her boyfriend Barry. We had a really fun time traveling around town finding places for cool portraits.