Profesional Photographer Magaznie

This is my picture that appeared in Professional Photographer Magazine telling about my speaking program! I'll be a mainstage speaker this winter in Atlanta at Imaging USA, one of the largest professional photographers conventions in the world!  Around 10,000 photographers attend this event.  Last year was my first year entering the competition or attending but my timing was right  :)  I was awarded International Diamond Photographer of the Year and placed in the top three at the Grand Imaging Awards in the Digital Art Category.  For the second year in a row this year I will receive International Diamond Photographer of the Year and I am up for some other awards too that I will have to wait to find out! 

I will be speaking in lots of places around the country next year.  So far my list includes  Atlanta, Florida, Ohio, Toronto and just this week two more eastern states called to see if we could work something out.  I love teaching and meating new people.  I'm excited!


Newest Creative Sports Posters

It's that time of year again and I have a bunch of sports posters coming up.  I had two teams that were smart and scheduled early so they get their posters very soon!  I have been doing Muskie Pom for quite a few years now and have created a lot of very cool posters for them.  This year they wanted to do something with their new dance outfits which included a cape.  After a couple of tries with different scenes I ended up with the background below.  The actual poster motto took even longer to come up with.  I finally settled with "Defenders of Truth, Justice and Rhythm.

The Wilton Basketball Girls had a motto of Respect All, Fear None.  I had pretty tough time coming up with something for the background with this motto since it didn't have any specific conotations with anything.  I tried some old buildings and bridges in the background, a blue sparkly background and then out of frustration I tried a monster background and thought it was kind of fun.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


Mini Session Benifit

We are having our first exclusive holiday mini sessions!  I'm excited to announce that all proceeds will be donated to the Help Laura Win Fund! Laura is an awesome girl fighting brain cancer. The date is December 1st.  We only have 6 sessions left!  If you are interested give the studio a call and we can explain more about our Winter Wonderland set.  I spent all weekend building it and it's looking pretty awesome.  Tomorrow morning I plan on taking some sample images on it.  We will also have a clothing suggestion guide that will help to ensure that everyone looks amazing on it!  Hopefully we see you here!

Watch this cool little video we put together about it!


Fall Family Portraits

Fall came early this year!  Still had some amazing opportunities for some beautiful family portraits and I'm still doing lots.  Even though most of the leaves are gone I have been finding some beautiful places with the late afternoon sun shining through long grasses.  I'll be doing lots more this winter when it snows too!   We take our family portraits every year after a big snow and they have been some of our favorites.

I visited the Lorack family farm and they wanted to create somet cool family portraits in their fields and with their combine.  Well as you can see below, I think we got the job done.  One of these will be displayed above their fireplace as a 40" print and the other will also be a 40" print in another room of their house with a smaller grouping around it of single portraits of their children.  I can't wait for them to hang them up in their home!

at first I couldn't find the right angle for this combine pic.  I tried standing on the bed of my truck and shooting over the tops of the corn but it wasn't what I was looking for.  I switched to my wide angle lens and got down low and found what I was looking for.  I love the corn rising up in the forground and the sun shining through the rows!