Senior Rock Stars

We've been having ton's of amazing senior sessions!  So many fun seniors with great attitudes.  I sometimes have a hard time making myself stop shooting.  We've been posting tons of images on facebook and figured I'd post a few here for my blog stalkers  :).  Below are just a few of my recent seniors!


Kyle and Kara's Wedding at Durham Train Museaum

A few more portraits from Kyle and Kara's wedding! As you can see simply beautiful and lots of cool portraits in a location that was stunning - The Durham Train Museum in Omaha!


iWin softball poster

Here is a poster from earlier this year that I never got around to posting on the blog.  Steve Jobs had recently passed away and I was inspired to try something inspired by the ipod series from apple.  There are lots of spoofs on the ipod series and I have always thought that it would be cool for Apple to come up with an iWin series.  Wouldn't that be an awesome name for a sports product for athletes?  Hopefully if they now come up with something along those lines I get some kind of credit. 


Brittney and Bryan's Wedding, Mason City

A quick sneak peak of Brittney and Bryan's very fun wedding. It was a hot humid day but they braved the heat and we were able to capture some beautiful shots in a park near the church. I can't wait to finish processing all of their portraits. As soon as they have a chance to view them I will be posting more so keep an eye out!

Bryan doing a great job modeling the parasol  :)