New Studio Details

The new studio is coming along!  We are spending lots of extra time on details to make it amazing.  I can't wait to be able to use nearly 3600 sq feet to play in.  My main shooting area is 30x40 with a 20x30 all cement and metal room next to it that I plan on turning into my water play area, plus when designing the studio nearly every other area was created so that I could use it as shooting space also!  We have a cool spiral staircase, old brick walls, stucco walls, huge windows with awesome iron shutters and much more.  It's going to be so fun to play in.  Stay tuned, we will be having a big open house soon!

A truck load of chandeliers!

getting ready to paint the chandeliers

architectural details

entry way columns

reception desk corbals

my shooting area/work room - it's going to be awesome in here to take senior portraits


Boy's Track Poster

This poster ended up looking pretty sweet.  The girl's team had originally wanted to do run like an animal but changed their theme to the Twilight theme at the last minute.  The boys didn't have any ideas so we switched them to what the girl's were originally going with (one of the few posters I had most of the way built before they came in)  I added the dust and darker background as an after thought originally it was built on a light tan background.