Light Pro Expo 2009

So we're down in Florida at a photography convention learning a few great new techniques. It's the best experience to be able to network with the best photographers in the US. This year we brought the boys down with us & a niece to help babysit... they're loving this new experience too. Kaden & Taylor thought the airplane ride was awesome (thank goodness Mason slept the entire time!) It was actually a pretty calm & relaxing trip down here. The kids are loving the pool & beach & of course eating out 24/7! Just an fyi we tried checking our messages & realized our answering machine is turned off... we'll have someone turn it on this afternoon but in the meanwhile if you need immediate help just call our cell at 319-325-1071. We'll post some portraits as soon as we get a chance... Ben's at a class right now & the boys are begging to get to the pool!

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