Bunch O' Sessions

I've had a bunch of great sessions lately but have been so busy with photography and remodeling that I haven't had time to blog them all. We had a fireplace put in this week. Sara has been wanting a fireplace forever and now that it is warm out we finally have it. All I have to do now is find the perfect mantle for around it and lay a few bricks. The office is coming along well too. I put up some trim yeasterday and a new door. I have to make some custom shelving for our orders now.

These are a few of Joey Daufeldt's portraits. His mother said she really likes the custom coloring that I do so he has a bunch in this color. Not sure what to call it - maybe "vintage brown". I really love the feel it gives to images also. His 1 year portrait session was great and he has a ton of really cool images.
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