Team Sports Posters

We have been cranking out a bunch of team sports posters again and having a lot of fun with them!  Teams come into our studio to be photographed on green screen then we extract them and create an awesome scene around them.  Eventually the posters get turned into layered photoshop templates that can be reused for other teams around the nation.  If you are a photographer you can see some of our designs and options for photographers at http://shirkphotography.com/for-photographers/distance/.

The girls had a bunch of fun having a mud fight at the studio to get ready for their photoshoot!  I had them do a cool action shot then created a bunch of mud splashes around them to give it a cool mud volleyball look.

This has some special meaning - It is meant as a tribute to Boston College's #19 who lost his life in the World Trade Center Bombings helping to rescue others.  He always wore a red bandanna.  ESPN did a cool story on him that you can view on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWKPjSirbcU.  The poster was sent to Boston College and also  Welles Crowther's Mother  who loved it.

Created from a scene I captured in Ireland at Giant's Causeway - this is a real place!
 This is already a template on our website.

The coach came up with this theme but I had to do some creative thinking to come up with a background.  Sometimes that is the hardest job is just figuring out what to do with their theme.  

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