Muscatine Girls Softball Poster

I've been doing the Muscatine Girls' Softball poster now for a couple of years and each year they have gotten better.  The first year the coach wanted to do a circus theme which was very fun,  the next year the coach was thinking about doing something with Harleys and using the saying "Ready to Rumble."  I tweaked it slightly since I have seen a lot of posters with Harleys and suggested to him that instead of Harleys we use monster trucks.  That poster was very cool and unique! 

This year one of my seniors that I had photographed was in charge of coordinating everything with me.  She had the idea of doing something along the lines of the popular TV series Band of Brothers - except Band of Sisters.  I asked if they were willing to get a little dirty for some close up shots and they were. 

The day that they came in we did a series of images with them silhoetted on a green screen and then I brought in a bucket of dirt I had dug up especially for them from my back yard.  They had a lot of fun smearing eachother with dirt  (and a lot of instagram images were posted)  Then we did a series of headshots for the poster.  I told them not to leave however and after we were done with that I did another quick series of headshots using a ring light and posted them on facebook for them.

Here is the final poster!

a sample of one of the portraits I took for the girls to use for their facebook profile

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  1. Beautiful picture. I would like to replicate something similar for our team. Amazing job!