Beautiful People in Epic Places

  I love the challenge of creating something unique.  I get to a new place and start thinking about what everybody else would do then try to think of something that nobody else has done.  Here are some epic portraits from some of my excursions this year in the Dallas and Tucson areas. Many of these have won awards in contests already.

This was taken in an Airplane graveyard in Tucson Arizona.  It took a little work to get her up on that pontoon but the effort was more than woth it.

This portrait was also taken at the Airplane graveyard in Tucson.  It's an absolutely awesome to wonder around the old planes and learn about them from the WWII veterans that help out there.

This beautiful bridal portrait was also taken outside the awesome Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson at around 2am. I created it by exposing my camera for 30 seconds while painting her and the background with a flashlight beam so that the rest of the scene was also exposed. The last contest that I entered this into the judges didn't believe it was real.

This portrait was taken at the end of the night outside the resort at the Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson.  A blue gel was used on my canon 580 EXII with radio poppers to capture the steam coming off the water behind her.
Yet another amazing portrait from Ventana Canyon Resort.  This one is a combination of a few images to create the final epic scene

This beautiful portrait was taken at the Hilton Rockwall Hotel in Dallas Texas. We played around for a large part of the night in the beautiful lobby, around the fountains and restaurant. There were tons of really cool areas to photograph here

This epic portrait of the stunning model Skye was also taken at the Hilton Rockwall Hotel in Dallas.  They have a 2 story scale model light house at the hotel on the lake.  I created this composite by combing images of the sky, close up shots of the water breaking and the rocks.  Skye was photographed in studio.

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