Photoshop World Expo!

So was sorting through my junk email folder the other day and saw something from Adobe.  I'm always getting product updates and such from them so I skipped over it.  Looked over the junk emails quickly one last time and decided to click on the Adobe email just to see what it was about.  I'm very glad I did.  It was an email from them asking for some of my images to display at Photoshop World in Orlando and possibly also in Las Vegas!  They asked for two images and the before and after versions of each. It took me quite awhile to decide what to submit.  Finally choose two and sent them to them this week and they emailed back asking for more!
Photoshop World in Orlando begins in 6 days.  Really wish I could make it down to see my images on display there.  It's kind of an unimaginable compliment to have them display my work.  To put it into perspective that non-graphic oriented people can understand - it's kind of like if there was a single program that everyone that had anything to do with music used and the creators of that  music program asked me if they could use some of my music as examples to show off.

Here are the images that I let them use.

Most of the elements in this poster where hand drawn in photoshop - took a little while but I wanted to see how I could compare to Disney's top artists

This poster took a few different turns before it ended up here.

Created this one just to see if I it was possible

After I created this one the school told me that they couldn't use it because their shirts were off and that I would have to retake the potraits.  Instead I drew on body armor and capes.  The stones were just cement parking blocks that I layered in photoshop.


  1. that is so awesome ben! well deserved!

  2. Awesome as always!

  3. LOOOOOOVE those... I like how you showed how you did them!!! AWESOME!

  4. Bummer you can't be there to represent but definitely a well deserved compliment to have been asked to have your images on display. Congrats!

  5. Very impressive, Ben! I hope Adobe is paying you top dollar to use your images!! :)