a night for Grazing

Alas a third accomplishment - we finalized the design for our new office cabinets. It has literally taken over a year for us to decide on the cabinet layout. We're probably too picky - but we want them just right in hopes that everything might finally have a place of it's own (otherwise Sara is going to lose her mind trying to keep the business & Ben organized!)

It was definitely a crazy Friday - but at least we got to relax with a bunch of friends at the end of the day. A large group of couples went out to celebrate some 30th birthdays (don't worry - I won't give away who you girls are!) We got to experience Graze in Davenport - a very interesting & classy restaurant. But I can definitely say we've never paid that much for a meal before - our dining out typically involves 2 little boys & McD's! The relaxing never lasts long for us though as Ben is busy today with 3 portrait sessions of babies.

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