New Girl's Track Poster

So I've been preparing for the girl's poster for awhile because they gave me plenty of notice. The coach said that they wanted to do "Run like an Animal" did some creative brainstorming for a bit then started putting some cool elements together for it. We had the poster shoot last Monday and all the girls arrived in their track outfits to get photographed. I had Emily (a senior from earlier this year) start first and began setting up my lights around her. As I was doing this the girls were talking and somebody said - "I wish we would have done a Twilight Theme" and all the other girls thought that was an awesome idea and even though I knew it would be more work I thought that sounded cool too. Plus the Guy's track team needed a theme yet and I knew that Run like an Animal would work well for them too.

   I have to admit that I have never read or watched any of the Twilight books or movies but vaguely knew the look that they were going for. The girl's didn't really have the look going on at that moment with their mesh shorts and tank tops but luckily I had a big leather trench coat from a Halloween costume a few years back "I made a pretty sweet goth that year" and I snagged a few extra things from Sara's closet. I made up poses as I went along hoping that I would be able to create a scene around them later. Well, it took a little imagination but I think I did it

These are all the elements I used in the poster -
a light post, an old car, a bus stop...

and a few buildings from a trip to chicago last year.

A little photoshop work and I came up with this